Music Promotion Service

Having your song played on Radio on a regular basis is what every Artist, Producer and Songwriter wants and needs. But making that happen is a monumental accomplishment that doesn’t happen much unless you are on a major label with lots of money to promote your song. There are a million others who want the same thing as you do. This makes it almost impossible to achieve.

Rotation or REPEATED PLAY is what it takes to make people remember your song or track. All Hits Station is heard by, viewed by and promotes to hundreds of thousands every week. Our service is designed to give Songs that we Feature mass exposure that would normally cost thousands of dollars to achieve. The only way to insure that happens is with our Music Promotion service. Here’s how it works:

Just CHOOSE THE ROTATION that you would like (how many times your song will play per week). All Songs receive an initial announcement through our Twitter feed.

Weekly Play Options